Duplicate items are reported when File System Archiving (FSA) attempts to archive files in some archiving target shares

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In certain file system configurations, Enterprise Vault may fail to create placeholder shortcuts for files in an archiving target share, and the FSA archiving report contains the following message for each file in the share:

Error Message

*** Error *** - There is duplicate of this item in the archive.


This can happen when the sub-folder of a volume share is also shared, but from a different location, and both shares are added as FSA archiving targets in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console. As the paths to the shares are different, FSA does not identify the target overlap and attempts to archive the files in the sub-folder twice.

The following example illustrates a configuration in which the problem occurs. 

X:\FS_X (Mount point created here from drive F: 
     |  This volume is shared from X:\, so its share path is X:\FS_X)
     |_ Folder1
          |_ SubFolder (This folder is shared from F: drive, so its share path is F:\Folder1\SubFolder)

  • The shares, X:\FS_X and F:\Folder1\SubFolder, are both added to Enterprise Vault as separate FSA target volume shares.
  • FSA does not identify the target overlap and attempts to archive the files in X:\FS_X\Folder1\SubFolder twice.
  • Later, if FSA Reporting scan runs, the files in X:\FS_X\Folder1\SubFolder are counted twice.


If FSA target shares overlap, the share paths must be consistent. In the example shown, if the share paths are configured as X:\FS_X and X:\FS_X\Folder1\SubFolder, and both shares are added to Enterprise Vault as FSA target volume shares, then the overlap is identified by FSA, and the issue does not arise.


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