PST files stay in a "Ready To Copy" state when performing a client-driven PST migration.


PST files stay in a "Ready To Copy" state when performing a client-driven PST migration.

Error Message

The following symptoms of the issue are also present:

  • A client trace will show the following every minute:

    10/10/2009 19:50:45.136[1068]: PSTMIG: ~CPstClientMigrator::ChunkPstFile: 0x0
    10/10/2009 19:50:45.136[1068]: PSTMIG: Server has requested for chunk to be re-sent. Retry in 1 minute.

  • The following may also be seen in the client trace log:

    10/10/2009 19:50:45.131[1068]: Received HTTP/1.1 258 Retry

  • The IIS log on the Enterprise Vault Server may show the following:

    2009-10-10 20:31:38 W3SVC1 GET /EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx - 80 SYMC\UserName EnterpriseVaultOutlookExt-V8.0.0.1405 200 0 0
    2009-10-10 20:31:38 W3SVC1 POST /EnterpriseVault/ChunkPst.aspx - 80 SYMC\UserName EnterpriseVaultOutlookExt-V8.0.0.1405 258 0 0

    Note: The bolded 258 in the IIS log corresponds to the "258 Retry" in the client trace log.
  • A dtrace of the w3wp process will show the following every minute:

    2529 16:29:37.750 [6728] (w3wp) <7276> EV-L {CHUNKPST.EN_US} ChunkPst: ChunkPstFile FileName: '\\ClientMachine\C$\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\PSTFile.pst' ChunkNumber: '1' FileLength: 1787462 UncompressedLength: '8905728' ChunkChecksum '3082218569' SiteId '108F52552884FE04CA1859A5E9137CF581d10000evserver' ArchiveId '174D666F40D340641A745450499290ED81110000evserver' CodePage '1252'


To resolve this issue verify the following:
  1. Is the PST Holding Folder using a share name? (i.e. \\SERVERNAME\Share)
  2. If the PST Holding Folder is a share verify that the Vault Service Account has Full Control in the Shared Permissions section of the Share's properties.

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