How to configure NetBackup for NDMP EMC Celerra virtual server

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How to configure NetBackup for NDMP EMC Celerra virtual server


The high level steps are these.

1. Install NBU for NDMP binaries onto the NetBackup master/media server to the same version.

2. Configuration steps on the EMC side:
  • Set up a data mover.
  • Zone tape drive(s) to be seen by the NDMP host/data mover.
  • Verify the NDMP host/datamover can see and access the tape drive(s).
  • Create the ndmp login name and password.
  • Reference this link which contains information about configuration on the EMC side.

3. Use the device discovery wizard on the master server to configure the NDMP drives.

4. Provide the name of the NDMP host.

5. Provide the login and password info for the NDMP host.

Assumptions prior to configuring NetBackup shared drive(s) to the CIFS (virtual NDMP EMC Celerra host).
  • The tape drives are seen at the OS level on the filer, for example on the data mover (server_2).
  • The datamover has an IP address and is being resolved properly by the master server.
  • The datamover (server_2)  has the ndmp user password configured.

Use the NetBackup Master Server's GUI.

1. Choose Media and Device Management > Credentials, click NDMP Hosts. Under Actions, select New > NDMP Host.

2. In the NDMP host name dialog box, enter the name of the NDMP server for NetBackup to back up.
Note: This NDMP host name is case sensitive. Whenever this host name is used, the name must be identical to the name entered here. (For example, when you configure tape drives and storage units for this host.)

3. Click OK.

4. In the New NDMP Host dialog box, specify the following:

5. Select the box for "Use the following credentials for this NDMP host"
Username: ndmp

Note: This user must have permission to run NDMP commands. To see if your NDMP host vendor requires a particular user name or access level.

Password and Confirm Password: enter the password for this user as it is on the filer.

6. Use the NetBackup GUI to add the datamover and to authorize it.

To add the shared drives, use the Configure Storage Devices wizard.
1. Remove the check box from all shared drive servers.
2. Check only the master server.
3. Highlight the master server's name.
4. Select "change" on the right, choose next.
5. Select the server_2 data mover, then next.
6. Click next to discover the drives and configure them an the storage unit.

To backup the filer, create the NDMP backup policy and specify in the backup selections a volume that is recognized by the data mover.
The datamover (server_2) will not recognize a UNC path that may be set up to be accessed by a virtual client.  The root volume path as seen by the datamover must be specified. For example, /root_vcb or /Vol1.

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