What TCP ports does the Oracle Agent use?

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What TCP ports does the Oracle Agent use?


List of Backup Exec Oracle Agent TCP ports:
No.Session NameMedia Server ProcessMedia Server TCP PortConnection DirectionOracle Server ProcessOracle Server TCP Port
1NDMP controlbengine.exedynamicberemote.exe10,000 (*1)
2CORBAbengine.exe5633 (*2)oracle.exedynamic
3NDMP controlbengine.exedynamicoracle.exedynamic (*1)
4NDMP databengine.exedynamicoracle.exedynamic (*1)
5NDMP databengine.exedynamicberemote.exedynamic (*1)


Session #1 is an initial session, mainly used for starting the RMAN command and getting a status of Oracle with session #5.

Session #2 is a job control session under Oracle SBT (Serial Backup Tape) library, which starts actual data transfer and checks catalog information. When a backup job is initiated from the RMAN command instead of the Media Server, this session becomes an initial session instead of session #1.

Session #3 and #4 are actual data transfer sessions using the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) between the Media Server and the Oracle SBT library. NDMP uses two sessions, session #3 is a control session and session #4 is a data transfer session.


(*1) To change NDMP port number 10,000 and NDMP dynamic port range, please refer to the next document.

(*2) To change the CORBA port number, please refer to the next document.




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