The archive task will not delete expired shortcuts if Storage Expiry is set to Never.

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Storage Expiry will remove items from the vault that have passed their retention period.  This process will leave orphaned shortcuts to the items that have been expired.  This can be run manually from the Storage Expiry tab of the Site Properties. 


If a Run Now in Normal mode is performed and the Process Vault Stores value is set to Never than the task will not delete the expired item shortcuts on the next run.  In Enterprise Vault (EV) version 8.0 shortcut processing occurs during the archiving task run and shortcuts to items removed by Expiry should be deleted during this run.  If the Process Vault Stores is set to Selected times than the shortcuts to items that have been expired will be deleted during the next archive run.  
If a Run Now in Report mode is performed and the Process Vault Stores value is set to Never, then the report will not include the expired items.

If manually running Storage Expiry then the following can be used as a workaround.


Set Process Vault Stores to Selected times in the site properties.  

1.  Right-click on the EV Site name and choose Properties.

2.  Click on the Storage Expiry tab.

3.  Set Process Vault Stores to Selected times.

NOTE:  It is not necessary to select any times for Storage Expiry to process the vault stores.  This will still require that it be run manually using Run Now, but it will allow for the deletion to process fully during the running of the task.  

4.  Click OK and restart the EV Admin Service.  

5.  Run the archive task manually or allow it to process the shortcuts during the next scheduled archive run.  

These steps should allow the shortcuts that were orphaned by Storage Expiry to be removed properly.


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