How to determine if the Enterprise Vault (EV) Vault Stores are in Backup Mode

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There are two methods to determine if the Vault Stores are in Backup Mode in Enterprise Vault:


Using Powershell Commands

  1. Open the Enterprise Vault Management Shell.
  2. Use the PS cmdlet Get-VaultStoreBackupMode to get the backup mode status in one Vault Store, Vault Store Group or the entire Enterprise Vault Site:


    PS > Get-VaultStoreBackupMode -Name EVSITE -EVServerName EVServer -EvObjectType Site

    The PS cmdlet above will return the backup mode status (True | False) for all the Vault Stores in the Enterprise Vault Site:

    VaultStoreName       VaultStoreEntryId            BackupMode
    --------------       -----------------            ----------
    Express Vault Store  1A3BC707E112BF942A7E730...        False
    FSA Vault Store      1DC8636069104F040A01A0A...        False

    Note: To get more information about the PS cmdlet, use one of the following commands in the Enterprise Vault Management Shell:
    • To see the examples, type:
      get-help Get-VaultStoreBackupMode -examples
    • For more information, type:
      get-help Get-VaultStoreBackupMode -detailed
    • For technical information, type:
      get-help Get-VaultStoreBackupMode -full

Using the Enterprise Vault Admin Console
  1. In the Enterprise Vault Admin Console (VAC) expand to Vault Store Groups.
  2. Highlight the Vault_Store_Group_Name beneath Vault Store Groups.
  3. When EV is in Backup Mode then Yes will be displayed in the Backup Mode column.


    4. When EV is not in Backup Mode then the Backup Mode column will be blank.



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