Messages are awaiting backup after a full backup has been completed.

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Items are awaiting backup after a full backup has been completed.

Error Message

After a full backup of Enterprise Vault partitions there are still messages pending in users mailboxes.
When viewing the Vault Usage report items are awaiting backup in the report.
Further investigation shows the Watchfile table in the Vault Store database contains records.


This can be caused by the backup software not resetting the Archive attribute as part of the backup process.


The following commands will create a text file that will verify if the archive bit has been reset or not.

Either command needs to be run in the root directory of the Vault Store Partition:
From the CMD line prompt
attrib /s > C:\attrib_log.txt

The above command will return all files in the folder structure below the Partition Root Path location, all files of interest will appear as the below Example Output

Example Output
A    G:\Express Vault Store\Express Vault Store Ptn1\2009\01-04\E\056\E05697B9C1513608FDF6F639253380C1.DVS
A    G:\Express Vault Store\Express Vault Store Ptn1\2009\01-04\E\056\E05697B9C1513608FDF6F639253380C1~80~5A0657C7~00~1.DVSSP
A    G:\Express Vault Store\Express Vault Store Ptn1\2009\01-04\E\056\E056A273BF4C723CD9C196E2FD81D761.DVS

From the Powershell Console
Get-ChildItem -recurse | Where{$_.Attributes -like "*Archive*"} | Select FullName, Attributes | FT -AutoSize | Out-File C:\attrib_log.txt

The above Powershell command will only return files which do have the Archive attribute still set

Example Output
E:\FSA Vault Store\Ptn1\2016\03-10\7\078\7078EE57997769E028ADCF7D737612E1.DVS                                         Archive
E:\FSA Vault Store\Ptn1\2016\03-10\7\078\7078EE57997769E028ADCF7D737612E1~F5~56073CF2~00~1.DVSCC     Archive
E:\FSA Vault Store\Ptn1\2016\03-10\7\078\7078EE57997769E028ADCF7D737612E1~F5~56073CF2~00~1.DVSSP     Archive
E:\FSA Vault Store\Ptn1\2016\03-10\7\079\70790300A3BD6AE8B4FD1450DED58151.DVS                                        Archive

If the Archive attribute has not been reset, verify the backup software configuration and confirm that the Archive bit is being reset correctly. If the backup software does not support removing the Archive bit, then the backup administrator will need to implement the trigger file mechanism. See the Related Articles section for more information.



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