Onlining a Storage Foundation for Windows High Availability (SFW-HA) or Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) resource fails with an error that the agent failed to online the resource

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Attempting to online any On-Off resource of a particular type on a specific node; such as any configured MountV resource, may fail because of a failed agent.

Error Message

V-16-1-10269 Agent failed to online resource


This error can occur if the agent for the resource is not started; or is in a faulted state. To check the state of all agents, execute one of the following commands from a Windows command prompt:
haagent -display
hastatus -sum

Note: The hastatus -sum command will show any failed agents and the node in the cluster that they are faulted on.

To check the state of a specific agent, execute the following command:
haagent -display agent -sys HOSTNAME
where agent can be found from the haagent -list command, and HOSTNAME is the name of the node you wish to check.

Agent and HOSTNAME  are case sensitive, with HOSTNAME needing to be in capital letters.

If a resource type is faulted, the agent will need to be restarted so the resource can successfully online.


To clear the fault or restart an agent, execute the following command in a Windows command prompt:
> haagent -stop agent -sys HOSTNAME
> haagent -start agent -sys HOSTNAME

If an agent fails to stop, use the -force switch to force the operation.

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