How to add additional Enterprise Vault Sites into Discovery Accelerator customer scope

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When using the same EnterpriseVaultDirectory database, the different Enterprise Vault Sites will be listed in the Discovery Accelerator (DA) Archives automatically.  When the Enterprise Vault Sites use different EnterpriseVaultDirectory databases, the alias for each Enterprise Vault (EV) site or site's primary server running the EV Directory service must be entered into the Directory DNS Alias field of the customer properties page in order for the EV Site to be visible.


Each DA customer that needs to access multiple EV sites cannot connect to those sites by default unless all share the same EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.  With no shared EnterpriseVaultDirectory database, each site's primary EV Directory Service server must be identified to the DA customer.


  1. Log into the DA server as the Vault Service Account.
  2. Launch Internet Explorer to the EVBAAdmin webpage (for example - http://localhost/EVBAAdmin).
  3. In left task pane, right click the customer that needs to access the other EV sites.
  4. Choose the Properties option.
  5. In the Directory DNS Aliases field, enter the name of each additional Enterprise Vault Site alias, each on a separate line.
    1. For example (without the preceding numbers):
      1. evsiteAPJ
      2. evsiteEMEA
      3. evsiteUS
  6. Click the OK button to save the change.
  7. Restart the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service (EVAMS) on the DA server.
After EVAMS has finished the restart, the Vault Stores and Archives in the other sites will either be present or will begin populating until all current Vault Stores and Archives are listed in the Application tab's Archives sub-tab.



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