Windows Server 2003\2008 Active Directory with Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) backup fails with Access Denied

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Windows Server 2003\2008 Active Directory with Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) backup fails with Access Denied

Error Message

Cannot backup directory and its subdirectories. Access Denied - V-79-57344-33928.

No error is found in the remote domain controller's Remote Agent's debug log, but the following error is found in the in Remote Agent's debug log on the Media Server:
Recovery FAILED - ERROR::RC = -546 - -546 The log file sector size does not match the sector size of the current volumn.  


This is a limitation of the JET database and can not be addressed in the Backup Exec application.
The reason for this error is that Active Directory is being backed up to a "backup-to-disk folder" device that has different block size than the source volume. 
Hard disk drives (HDD) have historically used a 512 byte physical sector size.  Starting in 2005 - 2011 drives slowly started changing to use a 4K physical sector size.  These disks are known as Advanced 4K disks.   
These new drives can be Identified by the word Advanced or 4K on the lable of the drive.   
If the drive is connected to a supported controller AND the proper Microsoft hotfix is installed, there will be a line in this command called "Bytes Per Physical Sector."
To Identify a 4K disk follow these steps.
1. Install:
2 Run  FSUTIL FSINFO NTFSINFO C: (or any other drive letter)
C:\Users\administrator>fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c: 
NTFS Volume Serial Number : 0x3c9a90499a300546 
Version : 3.1 
Number Sectors : 0x000000003a352fff 
Total Clusters : 0x000000000746a5ff 
Free Clusters : 0x0000000006429373 
Total Reserved : 0x0000000000000070 
Bytes Per Sector : 512 
Bytes Per Physical Sector : 4096 
Bytes Per Cluster : 4096 
Bytes Per FileRecord Segment : 1024 
Clusters Per FileRecord Segment : 0 
Mft Valid Data Length : 0x0000000006dc0000 
Mft Start Lcn : 0x00000000000c0000 
Mft2 Start Lcn : 0x0000000000000002 
Mft Zone Start : 0x00000000000c6dc0 
Mft Zone End : 0x00000000000cc820 
RM Identifier: 5FD777E2-C790-11E1-8E7F-867531256714 
If Bytes per pyhsical sector shows NOT SUPPORTED, then the controller is not capabile of passing this new information.  



Workaround:  (Use any of the following)

  1. Connect an older Non-4K drive to the server and set it as the temp staging location in the Backup Exec setting page. 
  2. Perform a Non-GRT backup. 
  3. If possible format the backup to disk drive to 512bytes sector size or 512E (Emulation) if the hardware vendor provides a tools for format or 512 emulation.

Acknowledgement : Microsoft

Information about Microsoft support policy for large-sector drives in Windows

Please refer to TECH166900  regarding the Exchange agent.



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