Event ID: 41142 is generated when unexpected Archive Points exist in the target folder structure.

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When the Archiving Task walks through the target file system and processes existing Archive Points and Folder Points, it has the ability to detect unexpected Archive Points, therefore reporting an event warning.

Error Message

Type: Warning
Event: 41142
Source: Enterprise Vault
Category: File System Archiving Task
Duplicate archive point: '\\?\UNC\evserver.ev.local\D$\evdepartment\evshare'.
The original folder and its archive point have been copied.
This folder and its subfolders will not be archived until this situation is resolved.
Refer to the documentation for more information.


The File System Archiving (FSA) Task reports the above event if it finds duplicate or foreign Archive Points in the target folder structure being processed. This could be caused by moving or copying a folder containing an Archive Point to a different storage location or the folder structure of an Archive Point being restored from backup to a redirected location.


If any 'foreign' Archive Points exist under a Volume target being processed by an FSA Task, these need to be removed from the file system structure.
The foreign Archive Points can be deleted through the Vault Administration Console (VAC).  If valid Archive Points are deleted accidentally, they can be recreated using FSAUtility so that the original IDs are maintained.
Run " fsautility -a -s <UNCpathname>" to re-create the Archive Point with the original Archive ID.
Before deleting the Archive Point, it is recommended to stop the FSA Task processing the affected target.
In order to identify the FSA Task processing the affected target, from the VAC open the Properties of the Volume reported in the event log.
For a more detailed explanation of the FSAUtility operations please refer to the document in the Related Articles section below.
Note: In the event an Archive Point needs to be re-created, only FSAUtility should be used for this purpose. If other methods are used when re-creating Archive Points it is likely to result in the creation of duplicate Archives.

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