Volume Manager Disk Group resource type needs to be re-added when a Windows Server Failover cluster is destroyed.

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If a Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) is destroyed, when it is re-created it will not know of additionally added types.  For example, the default configuration of WSFC has no knowledge of the Volume Manager Disk Group (VMDG) resource.


Figure 1: "Volume Manager Disk Group" resource is not shown under "More resources..."



To resolve this issue, follow the steps as below:

1. From the Failover Cluster Management, right click on cluster, and select "Property".

2. Select "Resource Types" tab.

3. Click on "Add" and complete as below:
a) Resource DLL path and file name: C:windowsclustervxres.dll
b) Resource type name: Volume Manager Disk Group
c) Resource type display name: Volume Manager Disk Group

4. Click OK

After adding the vxres.dll, the VMDG resource will be showed as below:

Figure 2: VMDG resource included in Resource Types.

Figure 3: VMDG resource included in "More resources...".
NOTEAn alternate solution to the above steps is to repair the Storage Foundation for Windows installation as this will re-register the cluster components; or run the clusreg.cmd script.  Please see the Referenced articles for more information.

Applies To

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2

Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1

Storage Foundation for Windows 6.0


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