Unable to delete archived items in Enterprise Vault (EV) for Microsoft Exchange.

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Unable to delete archived items in Enterprise Vault (EV) for Microsoft Exchange.

Error Message

When attempting to delete archived items from Archive Explorer or Outlook the following messages can occur.

 The deletion of the item is not currently permitted.


This can occur if the option to prevent an item from being deleted is enabled or if the item is on Legal Hold.

An Outlook client trace will display the lines

Deleteo2k returned with error: 243
~OutlookDeleteItemHandler::DeleteArchivedItemBackend: 0x80004005
OutlookDeleteItemHandler::DisplayError: 0x0

On the EV server Dtrace StorageOnlineOpns for items stored on Centera and StorageDelete for all other storage devices. Check for 0xc0041a57 in the log file. The output of a Dtrace is listed below.  

The following will be seen in the Dtrace log file: 

(StorageOnlineOpns)<5312>  EV:H    CStorageOnline::CanItemBeDeleted|CanItemBeDeleted result: CanBeDeleted: FALSE,Reason: 0xc0041a57

This reason code 0xc0041a57 means it is unable to delete the saveset because the retention category associated with it does not allow deletions or PST Disabled grow registry key and hotfix are not in place. Check reference below.

For more information on Dtrace refer to the link in the Related Articles section. 


If the retention category does not allow deletion of an item the error above is the expected behavior. If the item needs to be deleted, verify the following settings.  

To verify Site Settings
1. Open the Vault Administration Console.

2. Go to the Site properties and select Archive Settings tab.

3. Verify that the option Users can delete items from their archives is enabled.

To verify the retention category
1.  Expand to the Retention Categories.

2.  Right-click on each retention category and select Properties.

3.  Verify that the option Prevent deletion of archived items in this category is not checked.

4  Synchronize all mailboxes from the Synchronize tab on each Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task.

5. Open a command prompt and type IISRESET and press Enter.
Investigate the Discovery/Compliance Accelerator environment for items on Legal Hold.
For more information on Legal Hold refer to the link in the Related Articles section.


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