Enterprise Vault Web.config options for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access (OWA)

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Use either method to modify the configuration settings for the Enterprise Vault (EV) OWA Extensions on the Client Access Server (CAS) for Enterprise Vault 2007 and higher


Note:  For Enterprise Vault 9.0 and above Application Settings for Exchange 2010 Outlook Web Access please see the related document 000009285.

Add, Remove or Edit the values within Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.  

Note: Utilize the below table for the appropriate 'Key' and 'Value' pairs.

For IIS 6:
1. Within the IIS Manager right-click on the 'OWA' virtual directory and select properties
2. Select the ' ASP.NET' tab
3. Then choose ' Edit Configuration...'
4. On the 'General' tab review the current ' Application settings', then modify them by:
  • Select a current 'EnterpriseVault_XXXX' 'Key' and choose 'Edit...' to modify the 'Value'
  • Choose 'Add...' for a new 'Key' with an appropriate 'Value' from the below table

For IIS 7:
1. Within the IIS Manager select the 'OWA' virtual directory
2. Select ' Application Settings'
3. Review the current values for the 'EnterpriseVault_XXX' settings:
  • To modify a current settings, right-click on the given 'Name' and choose 'Edit'
  • To add a setting right-click and choose 'Add...'

Enterprise Vault Key Value
EnterpriseVault_ResourceVersion v8.0.3.1845
EnterpriseVault_LogEnabled true
EnterpriseVault_LogFolder C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\OWA 2007\logs
EnterpriseVault_LogMailboxes mailbox@mydomain.local
EnterpriseVault_RestoreWaitMaxIterations 30
EnterpriseVault_RestoreWaitSleepTime 2000
EnterpriseVault_HttpWebRequestTimeout 30000
EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestProtocol http
EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestHost localhost
EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestVirtualDirectory exchange
EnterpriseVault_ExchangeWebServicesUrl https://localhost/ews/exchange.asmx
EnterpriseVault_GlobalCatalogServer mydc.mydomain.local

The following options are only available from Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4 and above:
Enterprise Vault Key (2007 SP4+) Value
EnterpriseVault_VaultServiceAccountUPN VSA@mydomain.local
EnterpriseVault_ExternalWebAppUrl /enterprisevault
EnterpriseVault_UseExternalWebAppUrl true
EnterpriseVault_ExternalHostNames owa.mydomain.local

The options listed below can be used to customize the Web.config file on the CAS, which can typically be found in the directory:
\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\Owa\

The name of the Version folder containing the Enterprise Vault resources that will be loaded during the Outlook Web Access (OWA) session, which is a sub-directory of 'OWA\EnterpriseVault\':
<add key="EnterpriseVault_ResourceVersion" value = "v8.0.3.1845"/>

This will enable diagnostic logging for the Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions per CAS:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogEnabled" value="true"/>

The Folder where the above diagnostic Log Files will be generated (the default value is listed):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogFolder" value="C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\OWA 2007\logs"/>

A Semi-colon delimited list of Primary SMTP addresses of mailboxes to log, the default is all mailboxes:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_LogMailboxes" value=""/>

When attempting to open an Item through OWA the original message must be restored from the Enterprise Vault Server, this key sets the number of times to check if an archived item has been restored (default 30):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_RestoreWaitMaxIterations" value="30"/>

The time to wait (milliseconds) between the previously mentioned checks for the restoration of the item (default 2000):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_RestoreWaitSleepTime" value="2000"/>

This determines the number of milliseconds the EV OWA extensions will wait until the http (or https) request times out (default 30000):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_HttpWebRequestTimeout" value="30000"/>

The protocol to use for WebDAV requests made by the EV OWA extensions (default https):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestProtocol" value="http"/>

The hostname to use for WebDAV requests made by the EV OWA extensions, (default is the name of the home server for the user's mailbox):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestHost" value="localhost"/>

The virtual directory to use for WebDAV requests made by the EV OWA extensions, (default "exchange"):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_WebDAVRequestVirtualDirectory" value="exchange"/>

The URL to use when calling the Exchange Web Services on the CAS, (default "<https://localhost/ews/exchange.asmx>"):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_ExchangeWebServicesUrl" value="https://localhost/ews/exchange.asmx"/>

The Global Catalog Server to use for looking up Active Directory requests:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_GlobalCatalogServer" value="mydc.mydomain.local"/>

The following options are available from Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4 and above:

The User Principal Name (UPN) of the Vault Service Account or account used for impersonation in the resource forest, in a 2003/2007 mixed environment this account mailbox must be located in a Exchange Server 2007 mailbox server (For use when CAS Proxying in a Resource Forest topology):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_VaultServiceAccountUPN" value="VSA@mydomain.local"/>

Defines the External Enterprise Vault Application URL, this will Override the Policy setting:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_ExternalWebAppUrl" value="/enterprisevault"/>

Defines whether the ExternalWebAppUrl will be used, if this value is set it will override the settings below (true/false):
<add key="EnterpriseVault_UseExternalWebAppUrl" value="true"/>

If the following Host name(s), in a semi-colon list, are used to access OWA the External URL will be used:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_ExternalHostNames" value="owa.mydomain.local"/>

If the following IP addresses, in a semi-colon list, are used to access OWA the External URL will be used:
<add key="EnterpriseVault_ExternalIPAddresses" value=";"/>

For additional information on the web.config settings refer to the Installing and Configuring guide that is appropriate for your Version of Enterprise Vault.


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