How to enable debug logging on a NetApp NDMP device

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How to enable debug logging on a NetApp NDMP device


1. Log into the NDMP device via telnet.

2.  For OnTap 8.0 and below do the following. For 8.1 and newer skip to number 3.

 From the prompt enter ndmpd debug n

n specifies debug level from 0 - 70; default value is 0
  • Level 0 : Turns off debugging
  • Level 10 : Displays NDMP connection info
  • Level 30 : Level 10 + displays actual NDMP messages and NDMP errors
  • Level 50 : Level 30 + displays environment variables and NDMP exceptions
  • Level 70 : Level 50 + displays SCSI Command descriptor blocks (CDBs)

  3.  NETAPPFILER>options ndmpd.debug.enable on

       NETAPPFILER>options ndmpd.debug.filter n

n specifies the NDMPD modules for debug logging that is enabled. It can take five values : all, none, normal, backend and filter.

all: turns on debug logging for all modules.
none: disables debug logging for all modules. It is equivalent to ndmpd.debug.enable option being set to off.
normal : is a shortcut option that enables debug logging for all modules except verbose and io_loop.
backend: is a shortcut option that enables debug logging for all modules except verbose, io_loop, ndmps and ndmpd.
filter: is a combination of one or more modules for which debug logs needs to be enabled.


8.0 or older NDMP session debug log files are stored in the "/etc/log" directory. 8.1 and newer NDMP session debug log files are stored in the /etc/log/mlog/ndmpd.log 

  • The file name is ndmplog.yyyymmdd format
  • Wireshark ( ) is another good tool for debugging as it captures NDMP request/replies and SCSI CDBs sent/received over the wire
  • Remember to set the logging level back to 0 when finished troubleshooting

Using the Backup Exec Debug Monitor (SGMon) for troubleshooting NDMP

The Backup Exec Debug Monitor, or SGMon, is a diagnostic tool that captures debug output from Backup Exec and saves it in one debug log as <server name>SGMon.log. SGMon debug logs can help you troubleshoot backup issues. Furthermore, debug logs can help Veritas Technical Support diagnose and correct issues.
SGMon captures debug data from the selected items when SGMon is open and running or when it is scheduled to run.  In Tools | Settings for SGMon, console settings and more specific debug settings can be configured.  By default, the logs are saved to  \Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\logs\

To open the Backup Exec Debug Monitor Console - SGMon:

  • In Backup Exec 12.5 and 2010 : On the Tools menu, click Support Utilities > Run the Debug Monitor for active debugging.
  • In Backup Exec 2012 : Under the BE Configuration tab, click Technical Support > Collect debug output to run SGMON. (Check figure below)


  • In versions 11.x and 12.0:  Open \Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\SGMon.exe

In order to troubleshoot the problem with the NDMP device on the SGMON window, click on the tools setting,
select Device and Media from the debug settings, and check Enable Verbose Logging. 


On the main SGMON windows select Job Engine, RAWS, Agent Browse Backup Exec Server , Device and Media and Capture to file. 


Note: After collecting the log, uncheck Enable Verbose Logging, because leaving this option select will decrease backup performance. 





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