Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) is not truncating Microsoft Exchange transaction logs during a backup.

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Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) is not truncating Microsoft Exchange transaction logs during a backup


When backing with BESR, Microsoft Exchange transaction logs are not being removed (i.e. Truncated), filling up the drive. BESR uses Volume Shadow Copy service to This is often caused when BESR is not able to properly communicate with the VSS writer for Exchange when a backup is scheduled.
Please verify the following settings are correct when troubleshooting this specific issue: 

Perform full VSS backup option is enabled in the Backup job (BESR 8.x and later)
Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0x and earlier uses the Microsoft VSS provider. For these versions, verify that this provider is listed by using the VSSADMIN LIST PROVIDERS command and that the Volume Shadow copy and Remote Procedure Call services are enabled. Restrictions to either of these two services may result in BESR not being able to properly truncate Microsoft Exchange log files.
1. Start | All Programs | Symantec | Backup Exec System Recovery |  Backup Exec System Recovery to launch the BESR console/UI.
2. Click on Advanced Option (left pane); if using the BESR console to administrate multiple systems be sure to select from the Computers pull down the menu the system running Microsoft Exchange.
3. Click the Backup Jobs tab.
4. Right click on the backup job used to backup Microsoft Exchange and choose Edit Settings.
5. Click Next to maintain the options previously configured till the Options page appears.
6. Click the Advanced button.
7. Check the box beside the option Perform full VSS backup.
8. Select OK.
9. Next till last screen and then click Finish (check run backup now if desired)

If future backups do not truncate the logs, there may be an issue with the Exchange VSS writer. Verify the writer status by doing the following;

-Open a command prompt
-Type "vssadmin list writers" and press enter
-Look for the writer named "Microsoft Exchange Writer"
-The status of this writer should be listed as "[1] Stable".

If the writer is not listed, sometimes a simple reboot will cause it to start working again.

After a reboot if the writer is still not listed or the status is not stable, the Exchange VSS writer is not functioning properly. Please follow the instructions in this technote: 

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