How to delete a media from Backup Exec


How to delete a media from Backup Exec


The Retired Media set is the only location where media can be deleted from Backup Exec (tm). Deleting media will remove all references to that media in Backup Exec, excluding Restore Selections. This does not present any barrier to restore functions, it simply means that Backup Exec will not allocate any resources to track the use of the media in question. To remove a piece of media from the Backup Exec interface, perform the following:

1. Drag the media into the Retired Media set on the Media tab if it is not already there

2. In the Retired Media set, right-click on the media that is to be deleted (Figure 1).

Figure 1


3. Select Delete from the shortcut menu (Figure 1).

4. Click Yes when the Delete Media warning dialog is displayed (Figure 2).

Figure 2


Note: Deleting media from Backup Exec is not the same operation as erasing media.
When deleted media is reused in Backup Exec, it is recognized as imported media. Before restoring from the media, it must be cataloged.
This applies to both Tape as well as Disk Media (.bkf files)

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