When attempting to run a backup or inventory job "Physical Volume Library Drive not available" error occurs Or Library goes offline when attempting to inventory it or while running a backup job.

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When attempting to run a backup job "Physical Volume Library Drive not available" Error occurs


Library goes offline when attempting to inventory it or run a backup job.

Error Message

0xe000810c - Physical Volume Library Drive not available. Final error category: Backup Device Errors


0x80070057 - One or more arguments are invalid



1. A user session or Backup Exec services restart  is neccessary after changes in accounts used with Backup Exec.

2. The Backup Exec server is not rebooted and/or Backup Exec services are not restarted after a tape library is replaced.

3. Symantec drivers for tape devices are not installed.

4. Entries for tape devices that are unavailable,removed, or turned off are not deleted.

Note: This issue can also occur if the targeted Backup to Disk Folder (B2D) or tape drive is not available/offline or if the Backup Exec Services Logon Credentials are not properly configured. 



If a services restart doesn't work follow the steps below:
1. Confirm the destination backup device that the backup job is targeted to is online and accessible on the Backup Exec Devices Tab.
2. In case of Backup-to-disk folder, confirm the destination folder is not marked as "read-only", if the destination folder is online and the media protection does not cause the drive to fill up, as this will cause the device to go offline again.
3. Ensure that all the Backup Exec services except for ''Backup Exec remote agent for Windows servers'' is running under a account that has domain administrator privileges.
4. If occurs with an specific job, test the jobs credentials.
5. Confirm that the Backup Exec Job Engine Service and Backup Exec Server Service are logging as the same service logon account in the Windows Services Snap-in (i.e.: Computer Management).  All of the Backup Exec Services should be running under the same account by default, with the exception of the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service (RAWS), which runs under the Local System Account.  If all the services (except for the Remote Agent) are not running under the same account, perform the steps in the following article to reset the services so that the backup jobs can complete successfully.
6. In case of the tape drive was replaced and the new tape drive shows In Use when no job is running, Follow the steps:
      a .  Power cycle the library. (Turn the library off and then Shut the Backup Exec server down. Turn the library on , wait until it initializes. Turn the server on)
      b .  Check if tape drive shows online and try to run the job again. Try following steps if drive still shows In Use and/or backup job fails.
      c Go to Tools->Wizards->Tape Device Configuration Wizard
      d .  Click Next on Tape Device Configuration Wizard
      e .  Select Install Tape Device Drivers on Tape Device Configuration Wizard
      f .  Click Next On Veritas Device Driver Installer screen
      g .  Click Next on Veritas Device Driver Information screen
      h .  On the Veritas Tape Driver Options
  •          Select Use Veritas tape drivers for all supported tape devices
  •          Delete entries for tape devices that are unavailable,removed, or turned off
  •          Use plug and play drivers for for Windows 2000 or later
  •          Click Next
    i . Click Next on Scanning Hardware screen
    j . Click Next on Installing Veritas Drivers screen
    k . Click Finish
    l Restart all Backup Exec Services.
    m. Reboot the server to get the changes applied.
 Check for event logs and check for event ID 5,7,9,11.These generally indicate a faulty hardware.
How to change the user name or password of the Backup Exec Services Account in Backup Exec for Windows Servers (BEWS) www.veritas.com/docs/TECH82969 


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