Exchange Information Store backup fails with database errors

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"One or more databases for this storage group is offline" or
"database was not found and could not be backed up" or
"One or more of the databases for this storage group are currently dismounted" appears in the job log when backing up Exchange Information Store.


Error Message

0xe000ff02 - One or more of the databases for this storage group are currently dismounted. This backup is incomplete. Make sure that all the databases are mounted, and then resubmit the job.

V-79-57344-65282 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "Microsoft Information Store". Advanced Open File Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

Snapshot provider error (0xE000FF02): One or more of the databases for this storage group are currently dismounted.  This backup is incomplete.  Make sure that all databases are mounted, and then resubmit the backup job.


This above error may appear in the job log while performing an Exchange Information Store backup.

The above error would occur if one or more condition matches as below:

  1. When using Exchange 2007 this error will occur if any of the Mailbox/Public Folder Databases in the selected Storage Group are dismounted when a snapshot backup of Exchange runs (regardless if the dismounted database is selected or excluded in the backup selection list).
  2. If a selection of an Exchange Storage Group is made that does not have any databases associated with the Storage Group, this error will occur.
  3. If the System Logon Account (SLA) on the media server does not have a mailbox. It will fail the job, when it is in fact successful and all items can be viewed and are restorable.
  4. If the backup selection list includes an Exchange storage group that has been decommissioned and deleted. In this situation, the old storage group will no longer be visible in the View by Resource tab of backup selections.
  5. If there are delays in communication with the Domain Controllers during a backup.
  6. When using Exchange 2007 this error will occur if Backup Exec Remote Agent on Exchange server missing updates.
  7. If VSS is configured to take scheduled system snapshots of a volume as well as using Backup Exec to backup this same volume... the system snapshot process may not relinquish control or release VSS writers. System snapshots of the volumes may need to be disabled to permanently resolve this issue.


For condition 1.  Make sure that all the Mailbox/Public Folder Databases in the Storage Group are mounted before performing a backup.
When using Exchange 2010; there are no longer storage groups so the error will only occur if a dismounted database is included in the backup selections OR if the database is empty (database exist but does not have any data in it).
NOTE: Snapshot backups are the default backup method for Exchange 2007 onwards. A snapshot backup of Exchange 2003 requires the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) to be enabled in the backup job.

For condition 2.  Deselect the empty Storage Group.

For condition 3.  Create a mailbox for the media server's SLA or change the SLA to an account with sufficient rights that already has got a mailbox.
For condition 4.  Browse the backup selection list with the View Selection Details tab.  If an old resource is listed there, delete it.

For condition 5.  Extend the MonadRpcTimeOut value to 3600 decimal.
                               i)   Open the Registry Editor on the Backup Exec server and the Exchange server:
                               ii)  Take the Backup of the Registry using the commands File - Export - Save the "*.reg" file.
                               iii) Add a DWORD value called MonadRpcTimeout in the following location:
                                    HKLM\Software\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Exchange
Warning: Incorrect use of the Windows registry editor may prevent the operating system from functioning properly. Great care should be taken when making changes to a Windows registry. Registry modifications should only be carried-out by persons experienced in the use of the registry editor application. It is recommended that a complete backup of the registry and workstation be made prior to making any registry changes.
                               iv) Set the value of MonadRpcTimeout to 3600 decimal.
                               v)  Restart the Backup Exec services on both the Backup Exec media server and the Exchange server.
For condition 6.  Push install the pending updates through Backup Exec Tools > Install Options and Media servers on Other servers and restart Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows service on the Exchange server/s.
NOTE: The 5th point is only applicable in a Backup Exec 12.5 and 2010 environment.


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