How to move the Index location to a different server

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How to move the Index location to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the same site.

There may be an instance where indexes will need to be managed by a different Enterprise Vault server in the same site. This can be done for all archives or can be changed for just one archive.



Change the index location for all archives

1. Back up the SQL databases and the EV server.

2. In the EV Administration Console, change the description of the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service to identify the indexing service that should be moved.

3. Stop all EV services on both servers. 

4. If the index storage location is presented to the old server, and can be moved to the new server, then this should be done prior to updating SQL.  When possible the drive letter should remain the same on the new server.  If the index storage cannot be moved, such as index locations targeted via UNC path, then copy the contents of the index location from the old index server to an existing index location on the new index server. This location should be created before copying the indexes to the new server by using the  Index Locations tab on the  Properties page of the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service within the Vault Administration Console.  

a. To determine the index location run the SQL query below:

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT CE.ComputerNameAlternate, IRP.IndexRootPathEntryID, IRP.IndexRootPath, ISE.ServiceEntryID, ISE.Description
FROM ComputerEntry CE, IndexingServiceEntry ISE, IndexRootPathEntry IRP
WHERE CE.ComputerEntryID = ISE.ComputerEntryID AND ISE.ServiceEntryID = IRP.IndexServiceEntryID

b. Take note of the ServiceEntryID values for the old Index Server and the new Index Server from the above query.

5. Run the following query in SQL Management Studio to update the index locations in the database.

new ServiceEntryId should be replaced with the ServiceEntryId value returned for the new index server in step 4b.
old ServiceEntryId should be replaced with the ServiceEntryId value returned for the old index server in step 4b.

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
UPDATE IndexRootPathEntry
SET IndexServiceEntryId = 'new ServiceEntryId'
WHERE (IndexServiceEntryId = 'old ServiceEntryId') 

6. Start all EV services.

Change the index location for one archive

1. Right-click the list of index volumes and, on the shortcut menu, click Select All. Alternatively, multiple index volumes can be selected as follows:
  • To select single index volumes, hold down Ctrl and then click the index volumes.
  • To select a group of index volumes, click the first index volume then hold down Shift while clicking the index volume in the group.

2. Right-click the selected index volumes and, on the shortcut menu, click Set Index Volume Offline. There is a warning that index volumes cannot be searched when they are offline. Click Yes. There is a confirmation that the operation has been queued. Click OK. The status of the index volume changes to Offline.
3. Make a note of the 'Location' for each Index Volume listed, then select the Advanced tab of the archive's properties and make a note of the Archive ID.
4. Browse to a given 'Location' (from step 3) and copy the existing index folder (ArchiveID or ArchiveID_1234 where 1234 is the starting 'Range' number of the given Index Volume) to THE new location. Copy the entire folder, without changing the name.
Note:  All of the old 'Location'\'ArchiveID' folders will need to be copied to ONE new index location.

5. When the copy has completed, change back to the  Index Volumes tab of the Archive properties and select  Change Location.

6. On the Index Volume Location dialog, select the Index Server that manages the new location and then select the location where the index folder(s) was copied. Click OK. The index location will be changed and all the index volumes are automatically set to online.

7. Rename the original 'Location'\'ArchiveID' folders until the new index folders have been validated then these old folders may be deleted.




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