A5 MSMQ consistently has a number of items left in the queue and the number of items in the queue grows at a steady rate.

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A5 MSMQ consistently has a number of items left in the queue and the number of items in the queue grows at a steady rate.


The A5 queue is used to process mailboxes that have mail items that need to be archived. (See Related Article HOWTO37380 below for a list of all the queues)

The A5 queue is used only for scheduled runs of the Archive Task. If the time window is not large enough, then items (references to the mailboxes) will remain in the queue waiting to be processed during the next scheduled run. Older items are placed at the top of the queue and newer items at the bottom so that the older items are processed first.


The following can be carried out in order to try and reduce the issue of the A5 queue not processing all items.

1: On the "Task Properties" of the Mailbox Archiving Task in the Vault Administration Console (VAC) increase the number of concurrent connections to the Microsoft Exchange server. (Please note this will increase load on both the Enterprise Vault (EV) server and Microsoft Exchange server).  It is recommended that no more than nine concurrent connections are used (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2: In addition as shown in Figure 1 the Maximum number of items per target per pass can be decreased.  This option can be used to create the correct balance between the number of items passed for processing and the number of items eligible for processing.  What happens during processing of items to be archived is that this many items will be processed before moving on.  Since the time to process items is limited, only a select amount of mailboxes may be processed before moving to other mailboxes. Decreasing this number should allow more mailboxes to be processed in the scheduled window.  

3: Increase the archiving scheduled run time so more items are processed.  A good idea is to review the backup schedules, including any weekend or out of hours time where scheduled archiving can be run.  The archiving schedule window is set in the VAC at the Site Level or on the Mailbox Archiving Task depending on the configuration of EV.

4: Increase the number of EV servers in relation to the number of Backend Exchange servers; for example if there are two Backend Exchange servers then two EV servers can archive mail from each increasing the amount of data archived.  However, two EV servers cannot concurrently archive mail from one Backend Exchange server.  


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