Event ID: 41021 : Savesets waiting to be indexed or backed up

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The Enterprise Vault (EV), Vault Store database contains an SQL table named JournalArchive. This table is used for both Journal and Mailbox Archiving. Savesets are listed in this table until they have been successfully, stored, backed up and indexed. If a large number of items have not been backed up or indexed, then the number of entries within the JournalArchive table will increment and warnings are received.

Error Message

Different information will show in the "Description" of the event and will give additional information as to the issue.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Monitoring
Event ID: 41021
There are 1000000 Savesets that are waiting to be indexed and/or waiting to be backed up or replicated in Vault Store 'VSX'.

Event Type:       Warning
Event Source:    Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Monitoring
Event ID:           41021
User:                N/A
Computer:         Enterprise Vault
Description: There are 711470 savesets that are waiting to be indexed and/or waiting to be backed up or replicated in Vault Store 'name of the vault store partition'. Check that your Indexing and Storage services are running. Review your procedures and make any changes needed to ensure that backups happen in a timely fashion. If you are using an EMC Centera, check the size of the Centera replication queue.



There are multiple reasons/issues for the Event 41021 to occur:

1. Check that Indexing and Storage services are running within the EV administration console or Windows services applet. 

Note: If Enterprise Vault is using Notes client to access Domino data, consider restarting the server in case the client is hung to free the locked resources.

2. Validate that the Windows Connection Firewall or any other network filters or routers are not disrupting communications on the necessary ports for EV:
                 For more information on this topic see: TECH62337

3. Look in the EV Event Viewer log for errors relating to these Indexes.  As Index updates to some of the Indexes listed may have failed. If the indexes have failed then refer to TECH54272 for version 2007 and higher in the Related Articles section for information on how to update or rebuild an index.

4. Review the current backup procedures and make any changes needed to ensure consistent backups occur.

5. In addition to the suggestions within the warning's description, it's helpful to know whether indexing or backups are causing the backlog in the JournalArchive table.

Within SQL Management Studio run the following SQL Commands:
Note: Please replace EVVaultStoreDB with the name of the EVVaultStore database referenced in the event.
Use EVVaultStoreDB
Select * from JournalArchive where BackupComplete = '0'

Use EVVaultStoreDB
Select * from JournalArchive where IndexCommited = '0'

If the BackupComplete = 0 query returns a large number of items, ensure that appropriate backup procedures are followed, as outlined in the Enterprise Vault Administrators_Guide.pdf, which comes bundled with the software.

If the IndexCommited = 0 query returns a large number of items, run a second SQL Query to determine what specific Indexes are falling behind. The following SQL Query will list all of the Indexes in a VaultStore that require their Indexes to be updated, and will provide how far behind these archives are.

Select ArchivePoint.ArchivePointId, Count (*) As NumberofItemsNotIndexed
From JournalArchive INNER JOIN ArchivePoint ON JournalArchive.ArchivePointIdentity = ArchivePoint.ArchivePointIdentity
WHERE     (IndexCommited = 0)
GROUP BY ArchivePoint.ArchivePointId,JournalArchive.ArchivePointIdentity

6. High Fragmentation on the JournalArchive table for the affected Vault Store. 
For additional information on optimal SQL Maintenance, see TECH74666
7. If an EMC Centera is being used as the storage device, check the size of the Centera replication queue. This step should be completed by the Centera storage administrator or EMC Support.

8. If EMC Centera is being used, verify that scanning of the Centera partition is enabled:

Steps to enable scanning of the Centera partition:

a. Right-click the partition and select Properties.
b. Select the Backup Tab.
c. Check the box next to Scan Partition Every 'X' Minutes . (Where 'X 'specifies how often enterprise Vault checks whether or not the data in the Centera based vault store partition has been replicated.)
d. Restart the Enterprise Vault Storage Service.

Note: If storing to an EMC Centera and the Vault Store is set to "Remove Safety Copies After Backup", then check that data is being moved from the Primary Centera Access Nodes to the Replica Nodes, as the Savesets will not be considered backed up until they are copied to the Replica Node.

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