Searching Enterprise Vault (EV) displays the error: "Failed to perform Search request." in a multiple Enterprise Vault server environment.

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Searching displays the error: "Failed to perform Search request." The EV services may be communicating through a network interface card (NIC) that cannot route to the destination host. The primary NIC card may not be located at the top of the Microsoft NIC binding order list.

Error Message

Example Dtrace of AgentClientBroker process that is attempting to communicate through an NIC that cannot route to the destination host:

151 14:47:51.706 [6712] (AgentClientBroker) <4544> EV:L CClientIdentity::DetermineIdentity|Validating using authentication string: CoOXBazudio= ????????????

152 14:47:51.706 [6712] (AgentClientBroker) <4544> EV:M CClientIdentity::DetermineIdentity (Exit) |The RPC server is unavailable. [0x800706ba] |


Changing the NIC that is being used for primary communications

Check the advanced configuration for the NIC cards in Windows:

1. Click on " Start", " Control Panel", and right click on " Network Connections"
2. Click " Open"
3. Click on "Advanced",  then click on "Advanced Settings"
4. Verify that the primary NIC is at the top of the list. This is known as the NIC binding order. The primary NIC usually has the host name of the system assigned to it in DNS or the host file.


5. The primary NIC can be moved to the top of the list by highlighting the NIC and clicking on the UP arrow.
6. Click OK to close the window
7. Open a command prompt on the Enterprise Vault server and type ipconfig /flushdns
8. Attempt to perform the search request

Note: In a multiple EV server environment,  this procedure may have to be performed on both EV servers.

The issue may also be due to network latency between the 2 Enterprise Vault servers.

To resolve network latency perform the following:

1) On both EV servers open up IIS manager.
2) Select Default Web Site and select properties.
3) Under the Web Site Tab increase the value for "Connection Timeout" to 360.
4) Restart IIS and test again.


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