Enterprise Vault (tm) File System Archiving support for Distributed File System (DFS)

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Enterprise Vault (tm) File System Archiving support for Distributed File System (DFS)


At this time Veritas support for DFS with Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) is limited as follows:
Archive Explorer and Browser Search
Archive Explorer and Browser Search will display the full server path and not the DFS "virtual" path.
\server1all_usersuser1 is mapped using DFS to \server1myhome .
Archive Explorer and Browser Search will both show \server1all_usersuser1 . This path may not be familiar to end users.
File Replication Service (FRS)
Unfortunately FRS does not recognize Placeholders; therefore, it cannot be used on DFS shares that have been archived.
EV FSA Placeholder service
Items archived by FSA can be recalled using the placeholder service from the DFS share.
Further information on DFS can be found on the Microsoft Web site:

Does FSA work with DFS? 
FSA can archive files that reside on the physical servers at the end of a DFS folder path. Users can access the placeholders through the DFS path as normal.


Enterprise Vault will store the physical server name and path location, not the virtual path. When using the Enterprise Vault search tools the user may see this physical information. Typically the user will be seeing the folder path below an archive point which would match the lower part of the virtual path, so this should not be a major problem.

Does FSA support DFS Replication (DFSR)?

DFS Replication does not support replication of reparse points:
(and search for reparse). As our placeholders are reparse points, this means until Microsoft make a change to DFS we will not be able to work with it. If a customer does have DFS replication in place and wishes to use placeholders, then unfortunately we cannot recommend installing FSA in to that environment. If you do there is risk of data loss.

Internet shortcuts have been certified with DFS replication. Veritas Volume Replicator can be used as an alternative which has been certified for use with FSA.

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