MountV resource fails to offline and appears to hang in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

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MountV resource fails to offline and appears to hang in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

Error Message

VCS WARNING V-16-10051-9023 MountV:MountResourceName_MountV: offline:Failed to lock volume [2:5]


By default, a MountV resource cannot be taken offline if a handle remains on the volume that it monitors.

To see if that is the case the %VCS_HOME%\log\MountV_A.txt log file will show if it has failed to lock the volume during offline.


To bring the MountV resource offline, the process that controls the handle within that mount point or drive needs to be stopped.  But before this, it is best to follow the procedures below first as once the MountV resource fails offlining, it may not respond to any further commands, including service group Flush.  When this occurs, a recycle of the cluster service is required before a new command can be executed to it
The method is as follows, ensure it is done directly on the node where the MountV resource is currently attempting to offline:
  1. haconf -dump -makero (this saves and closes the cluster configuration)
  2. hastop -local -force (this stops the cluster service forcibly without offlining any resources that are online on the node)
  3. hastart (this starts the cluster service and, after a few seconds, the gui reconnects)

Now the MountV resources will be back to an "Online" status with no pending actions. You can now change the Force Unmount parameter to ALL at the MountV resource properties and retry the offline/switch or stop the process that has a handle on the volume then re-offline the resource again.

Warning: ForceUnmount = ALL results in a volume being taken offline forcibly even when a write handle exists. This may result in file system corruption so it should be used with caution. Only enable this option if you are sure that no application or user are writing to the volume and have backups of data available to restore should it becomes unrecoverable.

Extra Information

If the MountV constantly ends up failing due to an open handle, we recommend you to try a Microsoft utility called handle.exe to determine what process is maintaining a handle on a volume. Other third-party utilities, such as Process Explorer and OH.exe can be used as well. (Please note that handle.exe may fail to complete if the HAD is running. So you may need to stop the HAD using the same command as above in step 2 prior to running this utility.)

How MountV reacts to a handle depends on the value of the ForceUnmount attribute in the resource properties:


NONE: MountV will not offline if any handle remains on the volume.
READ_ONLY: MountV will offline if a read handle remains on the volume, but will not offline if a write handle remains on the volume.
ALL: MountV will offline if either a read or write handle remain on the volume.
** CLOSE_FORCE: The agent does not try to lock the configured volume and proceeds directly with forceful unmount operation.  
        **Attributed added in version 6.x 

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