Step-by-step procedure on how to import NetBackup backup images via the NetBackup Administration Console GUI.

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Step-by-step procedure on how to import NetBackup backup images via the NetBackup Administration Console GUI.


Key points regarding the tape import process:

- The procedure that follows may be used in either a Unix or Windows NetBackup environment.
- NetBackup media may be imported from any NetBackup server, regardless of platform (e.g. Windows-to-Unix or Unix-to-Windows).  
- Importing media is a 2-step process, referred to as Phase 1 and Phase 2.
- When importing expired media, it is recommended to first write protect the media so that it cannot be inadvertantly used by backups.  Once added to the tape inventory, use the media section of the gui to right click and 'change' the volume to a writeable pool other than your 'Scratch' pool. Creating a new pool called 'Import' or the like, will prevent any backups from using these media.
 - Phase 1 of the import is relatively quick, as NetBackup is reading only the tape headers off the media.  During Phase 2 however, NetBackup is recreating the files information in the images database.  This phase may take some time to complete, depending on the number and size of images being imported.  Each image imported will likely take as long, if not longer than, the original backup.
- Once the Phase 2 import is complete, the image has the same retention level as the original backup and a new expiration date calculated as the import date plus the retention period defined currently in Host Properties for the original backup's retention level.  At this point, the image is restorable like the original backup.

The Phase 1 import procedure assigns the media to the media server in the EMM database, and reads the media to create a HEADER file in the ImageDB for each backup that is found. If the backup image being imported spans media, a Phase 1 import needs to be performed on ALL media before running the Phase 2.  
NOTE: The Phase 1 option is referred to as "Initiate Import" in the NetBackup Administration Console.
The Phase 2 import procedure reads the media more thoroughly and creates the FILES file in the images database. The FILES file contains a list of all the files contained in the backup image.  
View the screen shots to help you  identify the steps involved when importing a image.

 To import NetBackup backup images via the NetBackup Administration Console GUI: 
1.  Under the Catalog section of the console, select Actions -> Initiate Import.

2.  Enter the Media ID and Media Server in the Initialize Import box.

3.  After the Phase 1 has been completed on all media, select the criteria in which to search for backup  image(s) produced during the Phase 1 import.  The main search parameters are the media ID and/or a date time range covering the backup date.  Press Search Now to find the backup image(s) available for Phase 2 import.

4.  Select/highlight one or more of the backup image(s) available for importing.  Right click on the backup  image(s) and select Import (Do not select "Initiate Import" again).  This section of the import may take as long as the original backup (perhaps longer if the backups were multiplexed).

For more information, see 'About importing backup images' in the Symantec NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume 1 for your applicable version.

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