How to change Client Connect Options for a Veritas NetBackup (tm) Client

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How to change Client Connect Options for a Veritas NetBackup (tm) Client


It may be necessary to change the Client Connect Options for a specific client.  These Client Connect Options include BPCD connect back, types of ports used, and Daemon connection port, and can be changed through the Client Attributes tab of the Master Server Properties in the Veritas NetBackup (tm) Administration Console.  Client Connect Options can be changed for  individual clients by adding them to the Clients list of the Client Attributes tab and changing the settings.  

Alternatively, the bpclient command may be used.  It is located in the /netbackup/bin/admincmd directory.  Options for this command can be listed by typing bpclient /? in this directory.  Further information on bpclient can be found in the Commands Guide, referenced in the related documents section below.

1. Open the NetBackup Administration Console.
2. Open the Host Properties for the Master Server.
3. Right-click on the Master Server entry and select Properties.
4. In the Master Server Properties window, select Client Attributes.
5. Select the Connect Options tab.
6. Under the Clients window, click Add.
7. In the New Client window, enter the client's Host Name and click Add.
8. Once the client appears in the Clients list, click Close in the New Client window.
9. Open the Daemon connection port options and select VNETD only.
10.  Click Apply to apply the change.
11. Close the Master Server Properties by clicking OK.  Close the NetBackup Administration Console.
12. On a Windows machine, use the Control Panel to cycle all NetBackup services.  
13. On a UNIX machine, open a console window, change into the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies directory and use netbackup stop and netbackup start to stop and start all NetBackup daemons and utilities.

Click the Download Now link below to see a short tutorial of this process to change the Daemon connection port for an individual client.  This tutorial contains an audio track.  The tutorial was recorded in UNIX, but the NetBackup commands are the same for both Windows and UNIX, unless otherwise noted.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE OPENING THE TUTORIAL: In the Internet Explorer window, click the red 'X' to stop loading, then press the F5 key to refresh the screen.  This should allow the tutorial to load.

Note:  The attached tutorial is an .SWF file that requires the Macromedia Flash Player.  If this application is not loaded on your computer, it can be downloaded from: .

This article is written for Netbackup 6.0, but the troubleshooting procedure is still valid.

This article contains an attachment with detailed troubleshooting step


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