How to perform a server restore using NetBackup

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How to perform a server restore using NetBackup


Pre-restore checklist:

1. Ensure the client to be restored contains the same computer name as before the disaster.
2. Ensure the base OS has been setup to run in a WORKGROUP.
3. Ensure the network interface on the client is attached to an active port on a switch and functional.
4. Load the NBU (NetBackup) client on the target client if the restore is not happening locally on the client.

Restore checklist:

1. Load the media on the robot from which the target client will be getting its data from.

2. Make restore selections by opening the Backup, Archive, and Restore console from under the menu bar in the NBU Administration Console as shown in Figure 1 or by going under Start > Programs > Veritas NetBackup.


Figure 1

3. Select to restore the last Full backup along with any Incremental jobs (Figure 2). Ensuring the full C: and System State are selected as minimum selections.


Figure 2

4. Press the "Start Restore of Marked Files" button to configure the behavior of the restore prior to running the job (Figure 3).


Figure 3

5. Ensure that "Restore everything to its original location" has been marked under the "Restore Destination Choices" panel, and that "Overwrite the existing file" has been selected under the "Restore options" panel as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4

6. Finally, press the "Start Restore" button to commence the restore. Once is done and the client is rebooted the client will be back how it was at the time of the backup.

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