How to perform an Alt Client restore using the NetBackup DB2 agent

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How to perform an Alt Client restore using the NetBackup DB2 agent


You can restore to an existing remote database if the platform, DB2 version, and edition are the same. Make sure you have the aforementioned authorities on either the local machine or server, depending on which machine is authenticating the user ID, to perform the remote restore. In addition, have the database which is to be restored, catalogued on your local machine. This is necessary in order to connect to the database being restored.

On the master server:
  • Set up the master to allow a restore to an alternate destination
  • At the master, create this directory: <NBU_path>\netbackup\db\ altnames
  • In that directory, create a 0 byte "touch file" and name it No.Restrictions

On the destination server:
  • Have one of the following DB2 authorities: SYSADM, SYSCTRL
  • Have DB2 installed and running with the same directory structure as the original client
  • Set up the NetBackup Client service to use the same user account that was used to do the restore at the original client
  • Set the CLIENT parameter in the alternate client's db2.conf file to the source client (original client) name. This db2.conf file default location is: x:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\DbExt\DB2\Samples\db2.conf ( DB2.conf entry example: CLIENT source-client-name )
  • Make other necessary changes to the db2.conf file that depict your environment
  • Copy the db2.conf file to the root directory of the db2 instance
  • Launch the job from the "Destination Client"

NOTE: There is no NetBackup interface for DB2 restores. Recovery is done solely by DB2. Restores are done using a DB2 command line and a NetBackup binary.  The command to restore is:

db2 restore database sample load %windir%\system32\nbdb2.dll


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