Event ID 58062: "Do you want to overwrite allocated media '%s'? Overwrite Protection is configured to prompt before overwriting allocated media. "

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The following pop-up alert is generated in Backup Exec console when attempting to run a backup job


Error Message

Do you want to overwrite allocated media '%s'?
Media Overwrite Protection is configured to prompt before overwriting allocated media. Respond Yes to overwrite the media. Respond No to use other media. Respond Cancel to cancel the operation.


This is observed when the following is true:
1. Backup Exec needs to overwrite the media in the drive and the media is an allocated media. 

2. The Overwrite Protection Level for Backup Exec is configured as " None" under Tools | Options | Media Management and the option " Prompt before overwriting allocated or imported media" is checked.
The following Alert can be seen in Backup Exec console :
Figure 1


Perform either of the following to resolve the issue:
a. To let Backup Exec overwrite the data on the allocated media, respond Yes to the prompt. To stop Backup Exec from overwriting the tape, respond No
b. Change the overwrite protection level to "Partial" under Tools | Options | Media Management. See the Related Documents section for additional information on Overwrite Protection Levels in Backup Exec.
Note: Setting the Overwrite Protection level to NONE is not recommended, since this involves the risk of media containing vital data being overwritten if they are not moved to a different location, resulting in subsequent loss of data.
c. Configure Backup Exec to automatically respond to these alerts with the desired response (Yes, No, Cancel). Refer to the Related documents section for more information on configuring automatic alert response in Backup Exec.


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