Event ID 58063: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Remove" is reported during or after a job completes

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Event ID 58063: "Backup Exec Alert: Media Remove" is reported during or after a job completes

Error Message

Event ID: 58063
Source Backup Exec
Type: Information
Description: Backup Exec Alert: Media Remove
(Server: "") (Job: "") Please remove the media from the drive, and Respond OK.


1. Some Devices do not support Backup Exec command to eject the tape even though the option to eject the tape after job completes is selected. For devices that support this command make sure "Automatic Response" to media alerts is configured.

2. Media is Full and can not be appended to OR Media is overwrite protected OR Media Remove alert is not responded .

In such case(s) Backup Exec will prompt the "Insert overwritable media" alert followed by "Media Remove Alert".


This Windows Event Log indicates Symantec Backup Exec ejected media from the storage device. Remove the media from the storage device and then respond OK to the alert on the Backup Exec Alerts tab. The Windows Event will contain the media server name and the job name.

Backup Exec can be configured to automatically respond to these media alerts. To configure the Alert settings, refer to the information in the Related Documents section of this document.

1. Create a new backup job with the option "Eject Media After Job Completes" deselected.
2. Enable automatic response to Alerts  such as "Media Remove/Media Insert" as shown in Figure 1 below (BE 9.x and 10.x).
For information on configuring the automatic response to alerts in Backup Exec 11d, 12.0, 12.5, 2010  refer to the Related Documents section.
Figure 1:
Make sure that the option "Automatically  Display New  Alerts" is selected  under Tools| Options | Preferences as shown in Figure 2 below. This option makes the alert visible in Backup Exec and can be responded to manually or automatically using automatic response.If you uncheck that option it will not prompt the user but will be displayed under alert tab.
Figure 2:


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