Unexpected events can occur if storage lifecycle policy windows are adjacent

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This issue is seen only if the windows in the storage lifecycle policy are configured as follows:

  • One open window must end at midnight on Saturday night. The next open window must begin at midnight Sunday morning, making the windows adjacent to one another.
  • The duration of either window must not be a multiple of 24 hours.


When these conditions are met, NetBackup treats the two windows as disjointed (two separate windows) rather than as one continuous open window.

Upon closing, NetBackup generates events for any storage lifecycle policy-managed job that is subject to this window.

The event will cause the running jobs to terminate and may result in jobs finishing with partial success (exit status of 1). Currently, processed images may be suspended or terminated depending on the window close behavior selected for that storage lifecycle policy.

Suspended images will be processed in a subsequent job and all data will be processed correctly, however there may be a loss of efficiency and unexpected job status values in the Activity Monitor.

See the following topic for information about configuring windows close preferences in the Properties tab of the Storage Operation dialog box:



Veritas intends to correct this problem in a future release.

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