OpsCenter 7.6 upgrades fail when language packs or maintenance releases have been installed on top of version 7.1 or version 7.5.

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On 64-bit Windows systems, if OpsCenter language packs or maintenance (triple-dot) releases are installed on top of an installation of version 7.1 or version 7.5, an upgrade to OpsCenter 7.6 may fail. For example, if you have upgraded OpsCenter 7.5 to, an upgrade to OpsCenter 7.6 may fail.

Error Message

The following error message is displayed during the OpsCenter upgrade: 

error 1723, a DLL couldn't be run

If this particular issue caused the error, then the installer logs will contain the following strings:

Removing product code {9B2C6017-9660-473E-9FDC-5CF515F0871D} from registry
Removing product code {AF6EB390-003A-40EB-9757-55875A05292F} from registry
Removing product code {AF6EB390-003A-40EB-9757-55875A05292F} from registry
GetLastErrorStringEntering Function GetLastErrorString
GetLastErrorStringExiting Function GetLastErrorString With return value Fatal error during installation. on Line No. 272
Return value for the Install action is : 1603 Error String : Fatal error during installation.


The solution varies depending on the upgrade scenario.

Scenario 1: Your OpsCenter 7.6 upgrade failed


If you have already encountered this failure during an upgrade to NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6, then the OpsCenter database may have been successfully upgraded; however, the software upgrade has failed. In this case, please refer to the "About OpsCenter 7.6 upgrade failure scenarios" topic in the NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6 Administrator's Guide to successfully complete the software upgrade.

Scenario 2: You have not yet upgraded to OpsCenter 7.6


Follow these instructions to work around this issue:

  1. Stop all OpsCenter services.
  2. Copy all the database files (including log files that are *.*) from the installed location and place them in any location other than the installed location. The installed location of the database files is available in the following file: OpsCenter/server/db/conf/databases.conf
  3. Uninstall OpsCenter.
  4. Install OpsCenter 7.6.
  5. Stop all OpsCenter services.
  6. Replace the newly installed database files with the backup database files from step 2.
  7. Run the following command (values will differ based on version level of OpsCenterprior to upgrade attempt):
    dbUpgrade.bat install <old_version_number> <new_version_number>
    For example, to upgrade OpsCenter from version to 7.6:
    dbUpgrade.bat install 7.6
  8. After upgrading the database, start the OpsCenter services. OpsCenter should now be successfully upgraded to version 7.6 with all data.


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