How to troubleshoot raid backup battery on the Backup Exec Appliance

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Battery failure message and performance issues with RAID controller on the Backup Exec Appliance

Error Message

Controller ID: 1  Battery has failed and cannot support data retention. Please replace.


Battery failure may have occured.



Use the command below obtaining the current status of the battery important items are highlighted:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Tools>CmdTool2.exe -adpbbucmd -a1
Battery Replacement required  <- This changes to YES when the battery is no longer capable of holding the necessary charge. At this point, the RAID write state changes to Write-Through, which can result in some performance loss.

Absolute state of charge: <- The RAID battery reports an error when the following conditions are met:

  • The RAID battery's Absolute Charge is less than 67%
  • The RAID battery's Absolute Charge is greater than 130%
  • The RAID battery's Charge Status reports NONE.
  • The RAID battery's Learn Cycle Active reports NO.
Date of Manufacture <- This can be useful in estimating the life expectancy of the battery.  
C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Tools>CmdTool2.exe -adpbbucmd -a1
BBU status for Adapter: 1
BatteryType: iBBU
Voltage: 4048 mV
Current: 0 mA
Temperature: 24 C
BBU Firmware Status:
  Charging Status              : None
  Voltage                      : OK
  Temperature                  : OK
  Learn Cycle Requested        : No
  Learn Cycle Active           : No
  Learn Cycle Status           : OK
  Learn Cycle Timeout          : No
  I2c Errors Detected          : No
  Battery Pack Missing         : No
  Battery Replacement required : No
  Remaining Capacity Low       : No
  Periodic Learn Required      : No
  Transparent Learn            : No
Battery state:
  Fully Discharged        : No
  Fully Charged           : Yes
  Discharging             : Yes
  Initialized             : Yes
  Remaining Time Alarm    : No
  Remaining Capacity Alarm: No
  Discharge Terminated    : No
  Over Temperature        : No
  Charging Terminated     : No
  Over Charged            : No
Relative State of Charge: 98 %
Charger System State: 49168
Charger System Ctrl: 0
Charging current: 0 mA
Absolute state of charge: 97 %
Max Error: 2 %
BBU Capacity Info for Adapter: 1
Relative State of Charge: 98 %
Absolute State of charge: 97 %
Remaining Capacity: 1179 mAh
Full Charge Capacity: 1208 mAh
Run time to empty: Battery is not being discharged
Average time to empty: Battery is not being discharged
Average Time to full: Battery is not being charged
Cycle Count: 16
Max Error: 2 %
Remaining Capacity Alarm: 120 mAh
Remaining Time Alarm: 10 Min
BBU Design Info for Adapter: 1
Date of Manufacture: 12/03, 2011
Design Capacity: 1215 mAh
Design Voltage: 3700 mV
Specification Info: 33
Serial Number: 4919
Pack Stat Configuration: 0x64b0
Manufacture Name: LS1111001A
Device Name: 3598501
Device Chemistry: LION
Battery FRU: N/A
BBU Properties for Adapter: 1
Auto Learn Period: 2592000 Sec
Next Learn time: 421386863 Sec
Learn Delay Interval:0 Hours
Auto-Learn Mode: Enabled
Exit Code: 0x00


Please contact support for RAID backup battery issues for possible replacement



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