NetBackup EXIT STATUS 10: allocation failed

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The backup policy has Encryption checked, but the client is not set up for encryption, so the job fails with Exit Status 10: allocation failed

Error Message

bpbkar log snippet from the client:

12:31:45.020 PM: [3316.5148] <2> Packer::open(): DBG - Started Backup... (../Packer.cpp:273)
12:31:45.020 PM: [3316.5148] <2> Packer::open(): DBG -  | An Exception of type [InvalidStateException] has occured at: |   Module: @(#) $Source: src/ncf/tfi/lib/Packer.cpp,v $ $Revision: $ , Function: Packer::open(), Line: 333 |   Encryption is not configured correctly and initialization failed. |  (../Packer.cpp:333)
12:31:45.020 PM: [3316.5148] <16> tar_tfi::createTransport: ERR - Packer creation exception.
12:31:45.020 PM: [3316.5148] <2> tar_base::V_vTarMsgW: INF - EXIT STATUS 10: allocation failed


Missing "keyfile.dat" file because Client Encryption had not been configured on this client.  In order to use Client Encryption, this file must be present, which is created during the setup process.  Begin by checking for the presence of this file in location:
<install_path>\Veritas\netbackup\var\keyfile.dat   (this file is created by the bpkeyutil command)



Follow the instructions for setting up Client Encryption Option.  See

Applies To

Windows-x64 Windows2008

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