The Enterprise Vault (EV) EVSPShortcutmanager is not processing items within the site due to a blank url for a list.

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The EVSPShortcutManager process will exit without error and the site will not be processed to check for shortcuts. 


A Dtrace on the SharePoint server of the EVSPShortcutManager process will show the following: 

(EVSPShortcutManager) <5924> EV-M {SHORTCUTMANAGEMENT.EN_US} Exiting... return value- bValid = True
EVSPShortcutManager) <5924> EV-M {EVSPSHORTCUTMANAGERLOGWRITER.EN_US} Set the completion status to 'Process not started.'


 Create or modify the view for the list and check the Make this the default view checkbox to ensure it is properly configured.   In order to add or modify the view the user account must have administrator rights to the site.

 1.  Login to the SharePoint site using an account that has administrator rights.

 2.  Click on the drop-down next to View and choose to Modify this view or Create view.

 3.  Select the items to display in the view and check the Make this the default view checkbox and click OK.


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