Catalog backup on a Windows Master Server can hang indefinitely


Performing a catalog backup on a Windows Master Server , either by policy or manually, can hang indefinitely. No files are created in the staging folder.

Error Message

The "nbdb" log on the Master will show a last line that reads:

14:10:46.410 [5032.6060] <4> backup_dbspaces: Executing: backup database directory 'C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging' wait before start with checkpoint log no copy transaction log truncate


If there is a NetBackup process that is not starting normally, the failing process can cause the catalog backup to halt while the process tries to start.

To verify this, open normal Windows management tools and look at all "Services" associated with NetBackup.  If a service is found to be in a "Starting" mode, it can cause the catalog process to hang, waiting for the process to complete initiation.



For the failing process, change the startup mode from "Automatic" to "Disabled".  Then shut down the NBU processes (bpdown -v -f), verifying with the "bpps" command.  After this, restart the NBU processes using "bpup -v -f".

You can verify that the process is now working using:

$inst_path\netbackup\bin\nbdb_backup -dbn NBDB -online $PATH

Files will be visible in the target $PATH directory.

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