NetBackup support for GRT Backups and Restores for Microsoft Exchange in a Multi-Tenant environment.

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This Document is to clarify the Symantec Netbackups capabilities for a Microsoft Muti-Tenant Environment.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 has built-in multi-tenant support to host multiple and discrete organizations or business units (the tenants) that ordinarily do not share e-mail, data, users, global address lists, or any of the other commonly used objects in Exchange.

See the Microsoft TechNet article on multi-tenant support for more information and further links:


NetBackup does not support restoring mailbox items into tenant mailboxes in a multi-tenant environment.  An attempt to perform such a restore may result in an error in the <Netbackup Install Path>\logs\ncfgre:

 [[fsys\mb2]          ] <FROM BEDS>MBOX:OpenCurMbox can't find e-mail addr <John Doe> [jdoe] (../BEDSContext.cpp:124)
 [[fsys\mb2]          ] <FROM BEDS>Inside MapiAdmin::CreateObject() (../BEDSContext.cpp:124)
 [Object::create()] FS_CreateObj() Failure! (0x2000FE38:FS_SKIP_OBJECT) (../Object.cpp:480)
 [RAIConsumer::_objectOpenAndWrite()] create() failed, status = 6 (../RAIConsumer.cpp:858)
 [RAIConsumer::writeToRai(CFEObj,Root)] create and write failure, status = 6 (../RAIConsumer.cpp:1189)


To recover items pertaining to a tenant mailbox, redirect the recovery to a non-tenant mailbox.  You can then use other means to move the items to the original mailbox in the tenant organization.  For example, you could export the items from the recovery mailbox to a PST file, import them from the file into the desired mailbox, and then delete the PST file.

Please note that NetBackup fully supports database level backup and recovery in this environment, and it supports GRT-enabled backups with recovery of mail items via the redirection noted above.

At such time as a NetBackup release may implement Exchange GRT restore directly into tenant mailboxes, Symantec will update this TechNote accordingly.

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