Installed licenses no longer activate the Veritas Storage Foundation. Error V-5-1-1589 is displayed.

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A valid license is installed.
The license is not detected.
License errors are displayed.

Error Message

Upon running the command 'vxdctl enable', the following is displayed.

# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl enable
VxVM vxdctl ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: License has expired or is not available for the operation.

Check of the licenses with vxdctl displays the following:
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license
No licensed features available


Review of the licenses show that valid licenses are installed.

Check the license keys with:
# cd /etc/vx/licenses/lic
# ls -l *.vxlic

Several license key files should be listed where the Storage Foundation product stack is installed on the system
Where only one license key file is listed, re-installation of the license key is indicated

Determine if the license keys are available in any capacity with the following commands:

# /sbin/vxlicrep -e

# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license


Re-install the license keys using the following process:
(an outage may be indicated / recommended to resolve the issue)

1) Determine the Storage Foundation product license key and save / copy the key.

# /sbin/vxlicrep -e | more
   License Key                         = XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
   Product Name                        = VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
   Serial Number                       = 1234
   License Type                        = PERMANENT

----------------END SNIP-------------------

2) Unmount any VxFS filesystems currently mounted / in use.
# umount (mountpoint)

3) Backup the existing license key files.
# mkdir /etc/vx/licenses/lic/bkup
# mv /etc/vx/licenses/lic/*vxlic /etc/vx/licenses/lic/bkup

4) Rescan the license tree with no license files to clear any licensing information out of memory.
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license init

5) Stop vxconfigd
# /sbin/vxconfigd -k -m disable

6) Re-install the license key from step # 1.
/sbin/vxlicinst -k (KEY)

7) In some cases, the issue may also be caused by an issue with /etc/vx/volboot.
Recreate the volboot file with the following command:
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl init `uname -n`

8) Re-scan the licenses
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license init

9) Verify license features are now available with vxdctl.
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license


# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdctl license
All features are available:
 Root Mirroring
 Array Snapshot Integration Feature
 Site Awareness
 DMP (multipath enabled)
 Dynamic LUN Expansion
 Hardware assisted copy
 DMP Native Support

10) Verify the license report output.
# /sbin/vxlicrep -e
11) Restart vxconfigd.
# /sbin/vxconfigd -k -r reset -m enable -x cleartempdir

12) Check operations do not give any license error
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdisk -o alldgs list
# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxprint

13) Remount the VxFS filesystems unmounted at step #2.

14) The process should be complete and the product should be functioning as expected.

If the license issue is not resolved after performing the above process, please contact Symantec Technical Support for further assistance.

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