In VCS 6.0, DB2 agent always uses db2start to bring up DB2 resource in a non-MPP environment.

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The Veritas™Cluster Server Agent for DB2, version 6.0, supports the DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server Edition (ESE). In the case of the non-MPP configuration, an instance is online on only one system at a time. The other system is the failover system. In the case of the MPP configuration, a database partition can run on each system and each system can become a failover system. The agent executes the db2start command when UseDB2start is set to 1, whereas it uses db2gcf when UseDB2start is set to 0.

If the setup is non-MPP, you must set the value of the UseDB2start attribute to 1. For db2start to online the DB2 database in a non-MPP environment, a virtual IP address should be used in db2nodes.cfg file. For customers who want to use actual hostname in db2nodes.cfg file, db2gcf command should be used instead of db2start. Set UseDB2start to 0 for these setups.

If the setup is MPP, you must set the value of UseDB2start attribute to 0. For MPP, VCS uses the actual hostname and needs the ability to start and stop each partition. For this purpose, VCS uses the db2gcf command and requires a value of 0 for the UseDB2start attribute.

Due to a bug in VCS 6.0 DB2 agent (Etrack: 2992723), the UseDB2start attribute is not honored in the online script.Online always uses db2start command.

Error Message

If db2start is used to online the DB2 database for a non-MPP configuration, VCS online fails with this error:

2012/12/08 18:46:30 VCS NOTICE V-16-20004-72 (node02) Db2udb:DB2_UDB_DB:online:DB2 startup returned the output: 12/08/2012 18:45:39 0 0 SQL6048N A communication error occurred during START or STOP DATABASE MANAGER processing.
SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019


Known bug in VCS 6.0 DB2 agent.


Currently a workaround is available for this bug. Please contact Symantec Technical Services referencing this technote and BugID: 2992723 to obtain the workaround.

Applies To

VCS 6.0
DB2 agent

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