Backup of Enterprise Vault 10 fails with error "0xe000942a - Backup Exec did not find any resources to include in the backup."


Backup of Enterprise Vault (EV) 10 data performed using Backup Exec agent for Enterprise Vault fails with error mentioned below

Error Message

Final error: 0xe000942a - Backup Exec did not find any resources to include in the backup. Check the backup selections for this job to make sure it includes resources that are available for backup.
Final error category: System Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-37930


1 ) Backup Exec 2012 uses powershell to place and remove the vault store and index locations in backup mode, if on the EV server old version of EVRT.dll is located then it may lead to this issue. Refer to Enterprise Vault technote TECH183277

2) If incorrect publishing names are present under the "Publishing Tab" of Remote Agent.


1. Identify the correct version of EVRT.dll in the Enterprise Vault installation directory.  (open properties of this file and review file version under details TAB)

2. Search entire Enterprise Vault Server for EVRT.dll

3. For any other versions found in other locations check the file version and rename/remove EVRT.dll.  The only copy of EVRT.dll that should remain is the one in the Enterprise Vault installation directory (Default: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault)

4. Open the Remote Agent Utility - go to Publishing tab and make sure it only contains entries for the Backup Exec media server.

5. Run the backup again and confirm if issue is resolved.

Applies To

Enterprise Vault 10

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