NDMP authentification failure, connect error = -1,001


NDMP backup fails with error 99, which translate to the authentification failureconnect error = -1,001 (NDMP attribute lookup failed - verify attributes with tpautoconf -verify).

But verifying the authentification using the commandtpautoconf -verify succeeds on the media server.


Error Message

11/02/2012 21:46:26 - Error ndmpagent (pid=24117384) ndmp_authenticate_connection: ndmp_attr_lookup_host for host test-bkp.symantec.com failed
11/02/2012 21:46:27 - Error ndmpagent (pid=24117384) failed to connect to NDMP server test-bkp.symantec.com , connect error = -1,001 (NDMP attribute lookup failed - verify attributes with tpautoconf -verify)
11/02/2012 21:46:27 - Error ndmpagent (pid=24117384) NDMP backup failed, path = /vol/vol11



The hostname defined for the ndmp_attr_lookup_host request is a backup interface of the media server and not the media hostname defined in the EMM DB. This was caused by the NDMP_DATA_CONNECTION_HOST_NAME definition in the<install-path>\netbackup\db\config\ndmp.cfg file windows and/usr/openv/netbackup/db/config/ndmp.cfg UNIX file, referencing the backup interface IP.


Ensure that the backup interface of the media server is defined as an alias of the media server definition in EMM using the commandnbemmcmd -machinealias -getaliases -machinename <hostname> -machinetype <machinetype>

To add the backup interface as an alias use the command nbemmcmd -machinealias -addalias -alias <missing_hostname> -machinename <server_hostname> -machinetype <machine_type>

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