When attempting to add MSDP storage server credentials in NetBackup to a Linux media server, the error "server is shut down" is displayed.

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When attempting to add credentials to a Linux media server for a Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) storage server running on Windows, the process fails and the NetBackup GUI returns the error message below.

Unable to add/update/delete credentials. Server is shut down.

Error Message

The NetBackup GUI will return the error in the screenshot below:

NetBackup GUI Error



This is an authentication error. If the spad log on the Windows storage server is reviewed, the specific message can be found. The spad log is located at:


And the error in the spad log will show:

September XX 11:05:24 ERR [00000000013F6C50]: -1: Authentication failed, invalid password !
September XX 11:05:24 ERR [00000000013F6C50]: 25106: spaProcessing: Failed to authenticate, using <MSDP_USER_NAME>



This error is caused by invalid characters used in the password for the MSDP username. While the password may work successfully with Windows media servers, it will fail when attempting to add credentials to Linux media servers (other platforms may be affected as well.)

The characters allowed in the MSDP user's password are documented in 000015726.

Applies To

NetBackup 7.5.X

Windows MSDP Storage Server

Remote Linux Media Server(s)

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