List of Backup Exec Services - Service Names, Process Names and the ID type they need to run as

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Backup Exec Services


The following are the Backup Exec Service Names, Process Names, and the ID type they need to run as.

Note, the services listed as Domain\Administrator should run as an ID that has Domain\Administrator rights. The ID inside the Backup Exec Credentials list called System Logon Account must use the same ID that the services are using.
For more about Backup Exec Rights, See -
To change the service credentials, See -


Services on the Backup Exec Media server:

Backup Exec Agent Browser

Backup Exec Device & Media Servicepvlsvr.exeDomain\Administrator
Backup Exec Error Recording Servicebedbg.exeLocalSystem
Backup Exec Job Engine bengine.exeDomain\Administrator
Backup Exec Management Service BackupExecManagementService.exe Domain\Administrator
Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windowsberemote.exeLocalSystem
Backup Exec Serverbeserver.exeDomain\Administrator


Services added to the Backup Exec Media server by the Deduplication Option:

Backup Exec Deduplication Engine spoold  LocalSystem
Backup Exec Deduplication Manager spad   LocalSystem
Backup Exec PureDisk Filesystem ServicePDVFSService LocalSystem
PostgreSQL Server 8.3postgresql-8.3 LocalSystem


Services added to the Backup Exec Media server by the Desktop Laptop Option (DLO):

Backup Exec DLO Administration ServiceDLOAdminSvcu Domain\Administrator
Backup Exec DLO Maintenance ServiceDLOMaintenanceSvcLocalSystem

**With DLO installed, the SQL Server service must run as Domain Admin

SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) MSSQL$BKUPEXEC Domain\Administrator


Services on a Symantec DLO server (SDLO): 

SQL Server (DLO) MSSQL$DLO Domain\Administrator
Symantec DLO Administration ServiceSymantecDLOAdminSvcuDomain\Administrator
Symantec DLO Maintenance Service SymantecDLOMaintenanceSvc  LocalSystem


Services on a Windows Remote Agent:

Backup Exec Error Recording Service bedbg.exeLocalSystem
Backup Exec PureDisk Filesystem ServicePDVFSServiceLocalSystem
Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windowsberemote.exe LocalSystem
Backup Exec VSS Providerbevssprovider.exeLocalSystem


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