The /dev/odm mountpoint has no inodes available.

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The command "df" displays output which indicates that there are no inodes or filesystem space available in /dev/odm.
What is the impact (if any) of the lack of inodes in /dev/odm?

Error Message

No errors are indicated.


The "/dev/odm" mountpoint is a special device, not a regular filesystem.

The outputs from "df" (for example):

# df -h /dev/odm
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/odm                 0K     0K     0K     0%    /dev/odm

# df -g /dev/odm
/dev/odm           (/dev/odm          ):         1024 block size          1024 frag size
       0 total blocks          0 free blocks        0 available              5 total files
       0 free files    100139008 filesys id  /dev/odm
     odm fstype         00000000 flag              16 filename length

The outputs above show "0" values for total blocks, free blocks, and others, but this behavior is expected.

These  values must be populated by the odm driver as placeholders.

Where no values are returned to the OS commands which may be executed against the /dev/odm special device , errors could occur (due to an expected attribute value not being returned).

The zero values have no impact on the proper operation of the /dev/odm special device.





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