Backups complete successfully using System Recovery, but system still shows "At Risk"

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Even though the configured backup is completing successfully, the system still shows as being "At Risk" in either the BESR/SSR console or the system tray icon.

Error Message

System reported to be "At Risk"


This is usually the result of the system having a drive that is not configured to be backed up (excluded on purpose) but still is configured for full status reporting.  For example, a system has a C: and D drive, but only the C drive is being backed up. The D drive will trigger an "at risk" alert unless it is configured for "no status reporting". Another example is when a system is configured to run only a file and folder backup, and full drive backups are not configured - this scenario can also trigger an "at risk" alert.


In the BESR/SSR console, go to the home screen. There, the red X icon should be showing, and there will be a message there saying why the system is considered at risk - for example, "No backups for Drive D: have been configured". Go to the Advanced tab, click on Drives, and set the status reporting setting to no status reporting" for the drive that is triggering the alert. This stops the drive from triggering the alert. Backup on the Home screen, it should now show "Backed Up" status (assuming there is no other error).



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