After upgrading the NetBackup 52x0 appliance to version 2.5, unable to login via the WEB GUI

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Problem with java security code where two lines were not required for version 2.5

Error Message

Unified log of OID 430 recorded the following events:

----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- .......
2,0,430,430,8,1337172223730,0,14,0:,22:getCurrentPage() ENTRY,,0,(0|)
2,0,430,430,9,1337172223730,0,14,0:,21:getCurrentPage() EXIT,,0,(0|)
2,0,430,430,10,1337172235601,0,14,0:,55:ApplianceTreeTableDynaDataProvider:fetch ChildrenForRoot,,0,(0|)
2,0,430,430,16,1337172262891,0,15,0:,59:ApplianceTreeTableDynaDataProvider - exception caught: null,,0,(0|)

2,0,430,430,1,1337345656986,0,11,0:,19:LoginAction : ENTRY,,0,(0|)
0,0,430,430,2,1337345657624,0,11,0:,4650:CATCH Exception: com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: Invalid Arg Error   at com.sun.jersey.client.urlconnection.URLConnectionClientHandler.handle
(   at com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client.handle(   ...........



Unnecessary entries in java security code


Perform the following steps on the appliance from the OS prompt. If you are logged in to the CLISH, go to the OS prompt following technote TECH165504.

1. Stop the appliance GUI services with the following script:
2. Comment out the following two lines in /usr/java/jre1.6.0_31/lib/security/ file:
3. Start the appliance GUI services using the following script:
4. Login to the appliance via the WEB GUI and ensure it has worked.

Note: to process unified logs with OID 429 and 430 with vxlogview command, use the following instructions:

Webserver related logs are kept at the following location:
GUI & webservices related logs are found in the following location:

The configuration file for gui logging & their OIDs are located in /opt/SYMCnbappws/config/log.conf file
The Unified Log Product ID's available on the 2.5 appliance are:
# vxlogcfg –l

List of all of the configured products...
58330       opscenterserver
409         NBAPP
51216       NB,nb
50936       VxICS,ics
58991       nbappwebservice

For nbappwebservice, the OID's are:

429  nbappwebservice
430  nbappliancegui
761  nbapplianceuiinfra

So, to process unified logs with OIDs 429, 430 and 671, use -p 58991, example below:

/logs # vxlogview -p 58991 -o 430 -d all |more
10/06/12 00:18:52.755 [Application] nbappwebservice 58991 nbappliancegui 430 PID:0 TID:0 File ID:430 [No context] [I
nfo] Removing TilesContext for context: org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContextFacade


Applies To

NetBackup 5200 and 5220 appliances running version 2.5

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