During the emport of a shared diskgroup, the error "Cannot find disk on slave node" is encountered

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The command "vxdisk -eo alldgs list" showed the disk group in a deported status:

disk_2   auto:cdsdisk   -   (huievidg)   online shared   sdb   -           
disk_3   auto:cdsdisk   -   (huievidg)   online shared   sdc   -


When an attempt to import the diskgroup is made, the error below is encountered.

Error Message

# vxdg -sC import huievidg
VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group huievidg: import failed:
Cannot find disk on slave node


This error is caused by all LUNs to the diskgroup not being visible to all nodes of the cluster as it is on the master node.


disk_2   auto:cdsdisk   -   (huievidg)   online shared   sdb   -      
disk_3   auto:cdsdisk   -   (huievidg)   online shared   sdc   -


In CVM environment, the shared disk group could not be imported until all nodes could access the disk group physically.


run "hastatus -sum", there were six nodes in the cluster, then log on the other two nodes, there was one node which could not access the disks in the disk group.

Check with customer, customer re-connect the cables between server and storage array. then do the following commands:
#vxdisk scandisks
After that, the nodes could access the disks in the disk group
#vxdg -s import huievidg
The command  did work. the disk group could be imported well.

Applies To

This can happen in any version of CVM, CFS, RAC in any supported Unix operating system.

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