Backup Exec 2012: ADBO OFFHOST failing - Backup Exec could not locate a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software


Backup Exec 2012: ADBO OFFHOST failing

Error Message

Backup Exec could not locate a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software or hardware snapshot technology for this job. Select a valid VSS snapshot technology for the target computer.



[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               + besc_ndmp.cpp (721):
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               | Processing device: '\\NIMxMEDIA1\M:'.
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               + besc_ndmp.cpp (848):
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               | FS_NTFS_ID/FS_NTFS_IMAGE
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               + besc_ndmp.cpp (936):
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               | Adding device to snap list: '\\NIMxMEDIA1\M:'.  Current count: 1.
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               - ndmpcSnapshotPrepare: adding selection string for device_name: \\NIMxMEDIA1\M:
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               - ndmpcSnapshotPrepare2: selection string: "\\NIMxMEDIA1\M:\*.*",s,v0,t0,l0,n0,f0
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               - ndmpcSnapshotPrepare2: selection string: "\\NIMxMEDIA1\M:\Storage\BroadcastTransitional\*.*",s,x,v0,t0,l0,n0,f0
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               - CprApplyCheckPointRestart=false
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]               - CprRestarted=false
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:03.112 [besc]
              - Sending VSS snapshot set {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} to RAWS
[7368] 2012-03-27T10:35:05.279 [server]             - Updating status for: 'NIMxMEDIA1 - MEDIA STORAGE-Full' (0x0 0xF)
[7368] 2012-03-27T10:35:05.279 [server]             - Status for: 'NIMxMEDIA1 - MEDIA STORAGE-Full' updated
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:34.814 [besc]               - ndmpcSnapshotPrepare2: Snap shot error. ErrorCode: 0xe0008526 ErrorLevel: 2 Provider: 2
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:34.814 [loops]              - NDMPSnapshotWrapper: Offhost failed. Fail BSD. No backup done.
[6740] 2012-03-27T10:35:34.888 [loops]              - Snapshot cleanup (Delete) failed with error: 0x6






[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.869 [besc]               - Adding volume: 'M:'
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.869 [besc]               - VssSnapshotVolume::AddVolumeToSnapSet
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.869 [besc]               -   Device name: [\\NIMxMEDIA1\M:], Volume name: [M:]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.870 [besc]               -   Set bsdMachineName_: [NIMxMEDIA1]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.871 [besc]               - Exit VssSnapshotVolume::AddVolumeToSnapSet - successfully
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:32.871 [besc]               - MakeValidVolumeName: volume=[M:] and vol_name=[M:\]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.020 [besc]               - SnapshotBackupEngine::GetVSSProviderForOffHostSnap. OFFHOST: No hardware or software provider available for volume: M:
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.020 [besc]               - Error SnapshotBackupEngine::GetVSSProviderForOffHostSnap failed. aborting.
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.020 [ndmp\ndmpsrvr]      - ndmpdSnapshotPrepare2: Snapshot error. ErrorCode: 0xe0008526 ErrorLevel: 2 Error Src: 2
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.020 [ndmp\ndmpsrvr]      - ndmpdSnapshotPrepare2: sending reply...
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.023 [besc]               - Attached [0xd2740]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.023 [besc]               -  EXIT BESC::VssBackupComponents::BackupComplete() return=[0x80042301 VSS_E_BAD_STATE]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.023 [besc]               - Error 0x80042301 calling VSS BackupComplete
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.024 [besc]               - Unattaching [0xd2740]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.024 [besc]               -  EXIT VssSnapshotVolume::BackupComplete() return=[0x80042301 VSS_E_BAD_STATE]
[1904] 2012-03-27T10:35:35.024 [besc]               - Freeing gathered writer metadata




A hotfix is now available for this issue in the current version(s) of the product(s). Refer to the Hotfix link below to obtain the hotfix needed to resolve the issue.

Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Hotfix 189571, Device Driver Installer DDI20120715 (July 15th, 2012) -

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