How to install updates (hotfixes) to a Remote Agent for Linux Servers (RALUS) installation in Backup Exec

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Need to install a Backup Exec hotfix to a Remote Agent for Linux system.


Once the hotfixes have been downloaded either automatically using the liveupdate or manually from the website, the ralus hotfixes get stored either in the Backup Exec\Agents folder "....Backup Exec\Agents" in Backup Exec 2010 or later, or in the RALUS subfolder inside the "...\Backup Exec\Agents" folder in Backup Exec version 12.5. The hotfixes have the extension .tar.gz. This files can be inspected using Winrar or Winzip  to check the downloaded file is not corrupt.

I) In order to update the RALUS installation the following steps need to be followed:

1) The hotfix needs to be copied to the Linux using "ftp" or any other Linux file transferring application and store it in a folder created for the occasion.  Do not extract the files from the .gz archive before copying the files to the Linux system.

1a) In Backup Exec 12.5 the RALUS hotfixes are located in "..\Backup Exec\Agents\RALUS" or "..\Backup Exec\Agents\RALUS64" folders

1b) In Backup Exec 2010 or later, the hotfixes are located in folder "..\Backup Exec\Agents"

2) The hotfix need to be extracted using the command tar -zxvf hotfix-example.tar.gz on the linux system.

3) The script   ./ should be run from inside the folder where the hotfix.tar.gz was expanded.

Note that RALUS hotfixes are cumulative.  That is, there is no need to install all the hotfixes if there are more than one.  Just install the most recent hotfix as it should contain all the updates from the previous hotfixes.

II) How to check if the RALUS remote agent was properly updated.

1) Inside the .tar.gz comes a file named  ralus.ver. This files will be copied by the installation to the folder /var/VRTSralus/ralus.ver. 

2) The ralus.ver version inside this file must be the same as the version in the ralus.ver contained in the .tar.gz hotfix file and most be the same as the "Version" string inside the beremote file in the /opt/VRTSralus/bin folder.

The string inside in the beremote can be reviewed by the following command.

# strings beremote | grep Version


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